In a world of tough work deadlines and busy schedules, what suffers the most is our body. Rarely do we find time to look after it and thus we keep missing out on so much from our lives. Our body is the temple where our mind resides, and the fine-tuned balance of a healthy mind and a healthy body is the recipe for success, confidence, mental growth, and contentment.

Our minds and bodies grow together, they don’t grow apart. Much like we feed our minds with music, great literature and films for it to develop and grow, our bodies too need to stay fit to keep developing. The mantra being, the mind can’t grow with the body being neglected.

Here at Fitness Priority, we are dedicated to looking after the latter. We are passionate about health, and the labour that goes behind maintaining it. If you are wondering who we are, for starters we might say that we are some concerned individuals who know the importance of physical health in daily life and the lack of its maintenance in modern living. While we realize the pain of pushing through the treadmill after a busy day at the office, we also understand how it feels to look every day in the mirror and thinking ‘Oh! I am going out of shape!’ and promising our own selves to start exercising from tomorrow. Well, the tomorrow never comes!

But do not fret. To start something we always need a motivating factor. Most of us start exercising only to bunk it halfway because we do not find anything moving enough for us to hold on to. The very first thing which we should keep in mind is the ‘why’. Why should we exercise and maintain our fitness in the first place? Here’s why:

(a) Your way of looking at yourself matters the most in your road to success and prosperity.

(b) Taking care of your body is the first step to an increase in mental capacity, focus and concentration.

(c) A body out of shape makes us think we are not worthy enough for this world. And thus we recede behind closed doors.

(d) And the final reason is, in a healthy body you feel amazing!

In our website, you shall find all kinds of exercises, from light cardio exercises to the heavy ones. Step-by-step guides to every form of exercise, catering to every other body part of different genders and their bodily needs and requirements.

Our philosophy is to look beyond our own bodies as just some organs assembled inside a skin, but a portal of self-improvement and self-sustenance. Here we shall provide you with a comprehensive programme and a training facility that involves losing weight, getting an attractive shape, eating healthy, exercising the exact amount, maintaining proper hygiene, consuming proper supplements and finally, leading an amazing life.

And mind you, we are not an extension of a gym. After listening to very many voices about how traditional gym circuits have failed to meet fitness goals, Fitness Priority has come up with a comprehensive guide for all fitness freaks, aspiring models, and athletes or for people who have lost all hope in modern gym machinery. Trust us, we got you!

Before we move on to the exercise sections, let’s talk a bit about the different kinds of exercises suited for different kind of people. Not everyone is suited for all sorts of training programmes and exercises. Requirements vary according to how our bodies are structured.

Fitness Priority provides you with meticulous diet charts, customized training and nutrition programmes, exercises which suit your routine and convenience and an extended list of grocery shopping. With advice from experts and guides from professionals, Fitness Priority is all about what the name suggests.

Our primary goal is to provide the user with a comprehensive guide which is easy to follow. Most gym-goers fear the daily routine of back-breaking exercises and choose to quit within less than three weeks. Gym trainers provide users with similar routines irrespective of the needs and requirements of one’s body. Without proper knowledge of what each exercise does to the body, they inevitably fail and that affects our very psyche and ultimately our entire life.

Fitness Priority provides you with deep insight, knowledge, and guidance for you to choose from, shedding light on every form of exercise that’s available for people from different walks of life, from different age groups and so on. Here are some of the main modules of exercise and fitness programmes we aspire to cover:

Aerobic Training. These workout routines improve the cardiovascular mechanism of our body, basically the coronary heart and lungs. In most cases it’s related to running, biking, swimming, jump rope, step class, and other cardio-based exercises. This style of training helps to expand your cardiovascular endurance and increase your heart rate.

Circuit Training. The circuit training approach of workout is desirable for those who are looking for weight loss but stuck amidst busy schedules. People looking for average typical fitness or a total-body workout also find this form of exercise desirable. Many say this is where you get the most bang for your buck due to the fact you can get the effects you are searching for in much less time.

Flexibility Training. Spoiler alert! This is not yoga. Flexibility training is one fitness programme that brings the yoga-mat stereotype in mind. Well, not so much! Perhaps, the most important out of all the training programmes, for this fitness module gives you the ultimate recipe for exponential blood circulation, better posture, focus on each and every muscle of your body, from head to toe, from hands to legs, from biceps to triceps. Besides, it also incorporates corrective exercises, thus also improving focus and concentration.

Strength Training. Remember class 9 physics? Newton’s laws determine this form of training. Force equals the product of mass and acceleration. This force determines your training and thus your weight. For heavy-weight athletes, this strength training module fits perfectly.

In the event that you are trapped in a hopeless cycle or need to discover the technique that will be best for you, set aside some opportunity to characterize your objectives, make sense of what is reasonable for you, and think about your past exercise experience. For everything else, Fitness Priority is there. Cheers to prospering health and happiness!